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Road Biking

Frequently Asked Questions

Burning Questions Answered Here


How many riders are on the race team roster?

Currently we have 32 riders using our SWCC kit as registered Southwest Cycling Club members and USAC license holders.

How much do racing cost?

The cost of each race is different so it really depends on the event.  You also need to register for a racing license if you want to participate on any sanctioned race.  Go here to sign up

What kind of training do the club does?

We ride every weekend as well as wednesdays during the day light savings time.  Our rides vary on pace but not on distance so most of our club members will be able to ride endurance rides.  As far as other trainings, we do offer clinics sessions near the beginning of the racing season.

Does the Ride always start from the same place?

Yes, both of the SWCC Club rides for Saturday and Sunday ALWAYS start from the same place and at the same time. No Exceptions.

Do you have any policy about aero bars?

Yes, you are free to ride with the pace group as long as you are riding on a road bike and can keep and follow the paceline guidelines/etiquette.  However, if you decide that you want to ride your TT bike, we kindly ask you to stay in the back of the pack and not to enter the paceline rotation.

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