SWCC Customized Winged Fury Helmet

We are currently taking pre-orders for helmet brands/models and sizes in order to evaluate how much interest there is to pursue this awesome opportunity. By submitting the pre-order form below, you are indicating that you would like to order a helmet and decal if we have enough interest to fulfill the order. There is no deposit required but we do ask for serious pre-order submissions.

Please submit your pre-order submission by Friday, November 20th.

How It Works…

  1. Purchase your helmet from Bike Barn (the two Bontrager models) or from a separate source (the Kask model). Price varies per helmet brand/model.
  2. Purchase your helmet decal from SWCC. Estimated cost of ~$25.
  3. Apply the helmet decal to your helmet.
  4. Ride on in customized Winged Fury glory!

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